Game made for Brackeys Game Jam, theme: Love is blind, and Weekly Game Jam #84, theme:  Alone

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, First-Person, Low-poly, Singleplayer, Unity


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Interesting concept. Getting stuck on the rees was kind of annoying. Maybe using Q and E to walk sidways would have been an option to help. WIsh the light lasted a little longer as well. Overall though you did really well. 


Nicely done. I wished the light would last a little longer though. :)

Hehe, thanks :)


Nice work. Did you set every single tree by hand or randomly spawned them in? I am just curious :) I walked through the mountains, maybe you want to add a wall there to prevent the player running away. And after I found all the things I pressed F in the last dialogue window and I was stuck. I was able to turn around and shoot but couldn't walk in any direction. Only if I pressed F again I moved a tiny bit forwards. Yeah, so the game got stuck after finishing it. But the atmosphere is nice, and I like the idea (and the twist).

Thank you! Actually I had some bunches of trees ready and I set them in different places, rotated them, etc. Oh I forgot to add colliders to mountains! Didn't think anyone would want to go there XD Thank you for sharing this and for sharing details of your error


Concept is nice and the game has a potential. Music was great, I really like this type of music especially in games. Unfortunately, when I looked in some direction, game was lagging, I don't know why tbh. Anyways, Good job!

Thank you for your feedback! Oh, I should check the lagging, thanks for info!


Nice work. There's definite potential here. It was fun except getting stuck on the trees so much.

Thanks for feedback! At first I wanted to leave trees without colliders but it would be too easy to just go through trees, so I added colliders but maybe they're too big. Thank you for noticing


Yeah you wouldn't want to just walk straight through the trees. Maybe you could reduce the friction so the player would hit the tree but it would just slow them down a bit rather than making them full stop. Also forgot to say we like the music!

That's cool idea about the friction so that player would slow down, didn't think of that. I'm glad you liked the music :)


Fantatic Music !!!! and getting caught did not make me deaf :D

I hope you did not go deaf XD I had feedback that earlier I made sounds too silent so I made them different this time XD