Game made for BTP game jam! Theme: mini planets. Link to the jam:

In this game you're a rocket flying through space and you collect satellites!

How to play:

A,D / left, right arrow to rotate

Space to move

Please download for better experience, WebGL version full screen might have issues

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsLow-poly, Singleplayer, Unity


Download 20 MB


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Nice, this is tricky! I can imagine it making for some good speedrunning levels, using the flight physics to do some slick spacedrifting to guide your ship through all the satellites. :)

Huh, while typing this, I realised that the music reminds me of the Steven Universe credits music. Interesting!


nice game! Its hard as nails but yknow who cares. :)

Thank you! Yeah, maybe a bit too hard :)


SOOO hard lol, good job

Hehe thanks! I got a bit frustrated while playing it myself lol


Excellent! No real complaints. Could be polished and expanded into a very nice game. I think the current mechanics and difficulty is perfect. Music needs a bit of work though. Overall, really excellent. A good contender for best BTP game.


Thank you! Yeah, music is not my best side :) I was running out of time so I wanted to make something quickly :) I'm glad you liked it! 


hard game tbh i like it :)

Thank you!


the music seems like it is slowed down, and it would have been cool if you added gravity on the planets, but all in all nice game!

I was thinking about adding gravity but wasn't sure how to do it and eventually decided to focus on building levels